“Ruthie Oberg is an inspiring communicator who brings our Christian heritage alive in today’s setting.  She is an asset to the Assemblies of God and I highly recommend her ministry.”

REV. DOUG CLAY | General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God

It is rare to find a speaker who can make our Pentecostal heritage and testimony come alive, while inspiring and captivating audiences. Ruthie Oberg is just such a speaker. Our people at Central Assembly love her teaching every time she is with us.”

DR. JAMES T. BRADFORD | former General Secretary of the Assemblies of God, pastor of Central Assembly of God, Springfield, MO

“Ruthie’s message on church history was simply fantastic.  She is a powerful communicator of God’s Word, articulate and inspiring. If I were pastoring again, I would have her in a heartbeat.”

DR. GEORGE O. WOOD | Chairman, World AG Fellowship

“Ruthie Oberg was one of our plenary speakers at our National Senior Adult Ministries Conference for the Assemblies of God, and she was absolutely tremendous! Ruthie has the ability to share excellent historical content about the Pentecostal movement with dynamic delivery. She is truly an historian but also a very effective communicator!

I recommend her for any group – our Senior Adults loved her because of her ability to share important history with them, but also because of her personality and charisma. I am confident any age group Ruthie speaks to will be encouraged and challenged!”

REV. BOB COOK | National Director, Senior Adult Ministries

“Ruthie Oberg, representing the Pentecostal Heritage Center, spoke to our pastors and spouses for three sessions at our annual Connection Conference January 29-30, 2019. She hit a home run with our Montana Ministry Network family. Several have invited her to speak in their local church. A month later I am still getting comments of how individuals were impacted by Ruthie’s ministry. Any church, Network, or District would be blessed by having Ruthie speak.”

REV. ALAN WARNEKE | Montana Network Superintendent of the Assemblies of God

“I can highly recommend Ruthie Edgerly Oberg as a speaker/presenter on the topics of Pentecostal history and revival. She just completed four consecutive one-hour presentations, which were outstanding. Ruthie has exceptional presentation skills, keeping the audience attentive and engaged. She is clear, concise, informed, anointed, and inspiring. You won’t regret having her.”

REV. DON TUCKER | Central Assembly of God, Springfield, MO

“Ruthie Edgerly Oberg captures her audiences’ attention with her engaging speaking style as well as her knowledge of scripture and church history. She articulates truth in an understandable way that is easy to retain. Ruthie not only keeps your attention but also leaves you with knowledge you can pass on. She is equally at home, preaching from a pulpit or teaching in a lecture hall. Both my wife and I thoroughly enjoy her anointed ministry.”

REV. BOB and ROBERTA CRABTREE | Former Superintendent of Ohio District and Executive Presbyter

“Ruthie Oberg’s command of the subject and captivating speaking style make the sessions far more than history lessons — they are an exciting journey through the years, enlivened by the stories that made Pentecostals who they are today. Ruthie’s series on Pentecostal history is absolutely one of the best resources available for promoting our Pentecostal identity.”

DR. KEN HORN | Grace Assembly of God, Springfield, MO, former editor “The Pentecostal Evangel”

“It was the privilege of the Louisiana Network to host Reverend Ruthie Oberg as a main speaker at our recent District Council. She preached a powerful main session sermon and taught an in-depth break-out session. Both of her ministry times were amazing. She brought Pentecostal history alive, made current events relevant, and challenged all our leaders from the Word. Ruthie connected to both young, old, men and women. I continually have leaders across our state requesting that we ask her to return for ministry in Louisiana.”

REV. SCOTT HOLMES | Superintendent, Louisiana Network of the Assemblies of God

“We recently had Ruthie Oberg speak at our Fall Ministers Enrichment, a three day event. The event is meant to be both teaching/training and inspirational in nature. I had heard recommendations from others about her magnificent handling of our Assemblies of God history and passion for God! What took place far exceeded my expectations! Our only frustration was that she did not have more opportunities to speak. I feel like we only tapped into a small amount of what she could have offered us if we had more time. It was amazing how both our younger and older ministers were absolutely thrilled and expressed great appreciation to us for bringing her in. She also challenged and encouraged our women in ministry. Her messages and teaching were sound, inspirational and profitable for our Network.”

REV. WINSTON TITUS | Superintendent, North Dakota Network of the Assemblies of God

“It is my sincere privilege to highly recommend the ministry of Ruthie Oberg. Months after her ministry here, I am still hearing positive and appreciative reports from the ministers and leaders in her audience. We could not have asked for a better blend of insightful and compelling reflections pulled from the pages of church history and a powerful application for impacting our world today under the anointing of the Holy Spirit!”

REV. JOHN WOOTTON | Superintendent, Ohio Network of the Assemblies of God

“I was privileged to have Ruthie as my pastor. Her in-depth historical knowledge and application of the past to today’s (and tomorrow’s) events were consistently some of the best scriptural-based teaching I have heard in 50+ years of biblical learning.”

TOM SIMON, Chief Master Sergeant, Ret. USAF, Houston, TX

“Many of our members made an extra effort to attend because they were so interested in these topics. It was remarked by several that our youth need to hear the stories Ruthie is telling of our heritage and the things God has done among us. Out of this, we were challenged to tell our own stories of God’s blessing to our children and grandchildren. We were challenged to be willing to obey God even when it doesn’t flow with our culture and to renew our commitment to an emphasis on the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and to missions. God is using her ministry!”

DR. ROGER COTTON, Small Group Leader and Professor of Old Testament, Evangel University

“If your church wants to be encouraged in seeking the Holy Spirit and to be reminded of how powerfully He works, then you need Ruthie to come out and share her message. Our people walked away from that service reminded of what the Spirit can do and our need for the Spirit to move. She did a wonderful job of illuminating the past and tying it into God working in the days ahead. Ruthie was a blessing to Faith Assembly!”

PASTOR GRANT CURTIS, Faith Assembly of God, Joplin, MO

“An inspiring presentation of great interest! I wish all our college/university students could hear this instruction. Looking forward to more.”

JOHN MAEMPA, Former Director of the National Prayer Center

“Ruthie speaks from compelling, factual, biblically based and historically fascinating material.  Truths that encourage, uplift and spur the listeners on to love and good deeds!  She is a delight to work with!”

JACKIE MAHR, Salem Media Group, Omaha.

“Ruthie Edgerly Oberg is a wonderful expository preacher. She is constantly in close contact with the audience, seldom preaching from the pulpit, moving down into the aisles, and speaking directly to specific individuals.  She researches the Word deeply, and brings to her congregation the blessings of the Word. These are not lectures – she is not aiming at the intellect (alone), but at the heart and the will.”

STAN STURGEON, retired, formerly of Qwest Communications

“Reverend Ruthie Oberg is a gifted, compelling, and exceptional speaker – and the call of God on her life has produced tremendous fruit in all aspects of her ministry. She is one of the most talented, articulate, bright ministers I know, and I highly endorse Ruthie to step into any ministry leadership platform. Ruthie will add great value to any church, or ministry organization.”

DR. AVA OLESON, Assemblies of God Theological Seminary

“Sunday night we (First Assembly of God, Dallas TX) hosted Ruthie Edgerly Oberg from the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center. Sister Oberg brought a very inspiring and challenging message on the value of memorials and testimonies about our Pentecostal faith. I am confident in recommending this ministry to any pastor, it is thoroughly Pentecostal! My people are still talking about Sister Oberg’s ministry.”

PASTOR DAN ENRIQUEZ, First Assembly of God, Dallas, TX

“I have had the opportunity to know Ruthie Oberg for over 15 years.  Her integrity and leadership skills are strong. Her challenging messages and outstanding way of bringing the scriptures alive have made her a favorite with our people. I would highly recommend Ruthie in any capacity you may need. She will be a blessing to your ministry. “

REV. TOM POOL, Pastor, Lynnville Heart of Worship, Lynnville, IA

“Ruthie Oberg caught my attention the first time I met her. Her passion for ministry has enabled her to find effective platforms for reaching beyond traditional roles. Her pursuit of new venues and continuing education are examples of preparation that has enabled her to present a wide variety of service to her Lord. I recommend her preaching, teaching and innovative style of ministry. I believe in the kind of heart for God and people I see evidenced in her.”

JUDY RACHELS, Former Chair of Network for Women in Ministry


“Ruthie is a gifted teacher. She has a way of making WHATEVER she’s teaching both interesting and relevant.”

“I have been to numerous meetings with many professional speakers in my work with Union Pacific Railroad and Ruthie is one of the best I’ve ever had the pleasure to hear.  Her biblical and personal stories make what she says come alive.”

“I left the service knowing more and wanting more.”

“Thank you for the powerfully anointed teaching and for sharing your obvious love of church history with us and once again igniting my appreciation for our rich history!”

“Every student in our AG schools should have this word to guide their theology – no matter their degree of study.  Every pastor should hear this!”

“I am so glad you shared these stories today. After hearing them, I feel that I can hold my head up a little more when I say that I attend an Assembly of God church. God has blessed us more than I ever knew!”

“I admit to not being fond of history but the way Ruthie brought it to life in such an inspirational way was like the Spirit blowing through like a blast!”

“It has been such a very long time, since I felt so excited and inspired.  I cannot blame anyone other than myself for my own lethargy.  But I can tell you that I was so awakened by hearing you share these stories today.  I can’t wait to hear more soon.  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS POWERFUL PRESENTATION!  I NEEDED THIS MORE THAN I CAN EXPRESS!”