LynnvilleUnique presentations can be tailored to your need or choose from the following popular themes:

Pentecostal History

  • Precursors to Pentecost: The Holiness Movement
  • The Comforter Has Come: Azusa
  • Conserving A Revival: The Formation of the Assemblies of God
  • A Family Changes A City: Pentecost Comes to Springfield, MO
  • Perpetuating Pentecost: Avoiding the Judges 2:10 Trap
  • The Blood Line and the Color Line: Pentecostals and Race Relations
  • The Sisters Have Their Say: Pentecostal View of Women in Ministry
  • Singing in My Soul: Music In Pentecostalism
  • A Pentecostal Theology of Suffering: When the Divine Healer Doesn’t Heal
  • Temptations Pentecostals Face: Warnings from Early Pentecostal Leaders
  • Campmeetings: A Gift from the Persecuted Church
  • Where Do Pentecostals Fit: Understanding Denominational Differences
  • Pentecostal Missionaries: Not By Might, Not By Power, But By My Spirit
  • What Does It Mean to be Pentecostal?

Broader Historical Presentations

  • Memorials: Establishing A Legacy of Your Faith Through Your Story
  • The Blood-Stained Book: How the Bible Came to Us
  • Why the Reformation Still Matters
  • People of Influence: Christianity and Western Civilization
  • Pandemics: What the Church Learned (and Didn’t Learn) from the 14th Century Bubonic Plague

Workshops for Ministry Events

  • Organizing Your Ministerial and Personal Library
  • Preaching Lessons from History
  • Using Historical Storytelling to Inspire Kids and Youth
  • Creating A Local Church History
  • Team Teaching with the Holy Spirit: The Difference the Anointing Makes
  • Lessons from the Master Teacher: Teaching Tips from the Stories Jesus Used
  • Making Your Church Disability Friendly

Women’s Events

  • The Radical Women of the Bible
  • The Biblical Basis for Women in Ministry
  • Ministry Wives: Where Do They Come From and Where Are They Going
  • Generations: The Women We Come From
  • The Friendships of Women
  • Beating Procrastination Before it Beats You
  • Victorious Secrets: Healthy Biblical Female Sexuality
  • Other presentations can be tailored to your theme or event

Youth Conventions/Camps

  • How the Persecuted Church Started Camps and Why It Matters
  • Let No Man Look Down on You: Students Who Made History
  • Don’t Give Away Your Inheritance: A Lesson from the Book of Ruth
  • One-Way Missionaries: When A Coffin Becomes A Suitcase
  • Other presentations can be tailored to your theme or event

Available for regularly scheduled church services, weekend leadership training events, sectional events, and district/network meetings.  Ruthie has no set speaker’s fee. Financial expectations are travel expenses and the opportunity to receive a love offering for the continuation of the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center.