Bridge the generational divide with compelling presentations about our Pentecostal heritage and identity.

Invite Rev. Ruthie Oberg to speak at your church or district function.


Ruthie Oberg, an events speaker with the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center, is available to speak at your church or district function. Ruthie’s sermons and presentations about Pentecostal history are educational, entertaining, and convicting.

“It is rare to find a speaker who can make out Pentecostal heritage and testimony come alive, while inspiring and captivating audiences. Reverend Ruthie Oberg is just such a speaker!” – Dr. James T. Bradford | General Secretary of the AG

Ruthie can tailor the following presentations to meet your needs:

Pentecostal History Presentations:

  • The Pentecostal Heritage (a series of 3 presentations on the Holiness movement, the Azusa Street Revival, and the founding of the Assemblies of God)
  • Perpetuating Pentecost: Avoiding the Judges 2:10 Trap
  • The Blood Line and the Color Line: Pentecostals and Race Relations
  • The Sisters Have Their Say: A Pentecostal View of Women in Ministry
  • Singing in My Soul: Music in Pentecostalism
  • Temptations Pentecostals Face
  • Where Do Pentecostals Fit? Understanding Denominational Differences

Christian History Presentations:

  • Memorials: Establishing a Legacy of Your Own Story
  • How the Bible Came to Us
  • Why the reformation Still Matters
  • People of Influence: Christianity and Western Civilization

Workshops for Ministry Events

  • Organizing your personal Library
  • How to Research for Sermon preparation
  • Historical storytelling for Kids and Youth
  • Creating a Local Church History

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